TV TecStyle Visions – special screen printing show

In this special show, a network of experts will focus on screen printing on ‘problematic’ textiles such as sports shirts, functional wear or softshell jackets. It will answer questions which trouble even experienced textile printers now and then.
We will be joined by the American screen printing consultant Charlie Taublieb, who consistently inspires audiences with his specialist screen printing expertise. Rutland is a world-leading manufacturer of screen printing inks for textile printing. The company will discuss the specificities of screen printing on functional textiles across various workshops and practical demonstrations. Our technology partner is the specialist dealer Borchert + Moller, which has provided the equipment for the special show. Other partners are coming soon. 


The special exhibition was organized by the Akademie für Textilveredlung



Rutland Group
The USA-based Rutland Group manufactures various brands of screen printing ink for textile printing.
Their portfolio includes water-based ink systems,
plastisol inks and environmentally friendly screen printing inks
for the Rutland, PRINTOP, QCM and Union Ink brands.
Rutland is part of the global chemical corporation PolyOne, which in addition to, the Rutland brands also
offers screen printing inks under the Wilflex brand.
Their products are available across Europe via a tight network of dealers.
Borchert + Moller
Specialist distribution company Borchert + Moller (BOMO)
from south Germany has more than 35 years
of industry experience as a supplier of flocking technology
and textile printing products.
As well as specializing in textile printing and flocking,
BOMO is also a partner and distributor for suppliers in the sports apparel, packaging, automotive and painting industries.
Their portfolio includes machinery and consumables.
BOMO has fitted out the special exhibition space with a textile printing carousel, dryer, transfer press and other textile screen printing equipment.
Charlie Taublieb, Taublieb Consulting
Charlie Taublieb is a technically oriented screen printing consultant with more than 30 years of experience.
He regularly gives seminars and presentations
at international trade fairs across the world.
This expert has written specialist articles on screen printing
for international trade journals and is a member of the
American Academy of Screen Printing Technology.
At the TV TecStyle Visions special exhibition, Charlie
will be offering workshops, presentations and demonstrations covering textile screen printing on ‘problematic’ textiles.

Vielen Dank an unsere Supporter